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FNPDreams is a MSN, APRN, NP and specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

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  1. FNPDreams

    Case Study(CSI): Stomach flu? Anxiety? What’s Going on Here?

    Check cardiac echo & angio if indicated. Have posted a suggested dx in the Admin section.
  2. FNPDreams

    Wilkes university pmhnp fall 2019

    I was also accepted for Jan.2020 start. I am FNP-C like CoreyannF. I am trying to find out who is reviewing my transcripts for course waivers. I’ve sent a few messages to Michael so am hoping he’s just busy. Anyone also applied to Rocky Mountain U of Health Professions? They are suddenly asking for preceptor commitment letters even prior to an admissions decision. This is quite difficult in the short timeframe. A lot of uncertainty. I was waitlisted for Johns Hopkins for Fall but no seats opened. I’m 99.9% going to be @ Wilkes. There are many practicing PMHNPs who have graduated from their program.
  3. FNPDreams

    Wilkes university pmhnp fall 2019

    Hi there Coreyann. Tried to send you an email directly (vs posting) but it doesn’t seem to work. I’m interested in this program for Jan. start (missed Fall deadline). I’m also FNP-C. I have applied to a well respected “for profit” as well. Was curious when I would finish though since I thought it was 18 creds (6 courses without 3 Ps), and they do not conduct clinical rotations over the summer. Do they start you off immediately in rotations prior to psychopharmacology class? I’m wondering if I would finish in December 2020 then. Also what do you know about the residencies? I’m not in PA. Is there any staff directly involved in the program that I might contact? Thanks!

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