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  1. Puella

    100k in loans worth it?

    If you really are sure that nursing will agree with you from here on, then I vote yes. Like everyone else I think the amount is high and you could do things to lower it a bit, but that's not what you asked. Life is too short to be stuck in a 40K a year job. Ooof! I just realized this is a years old thread. I wonder what the OP did?
  2. Puella

    Thinking of changing majors, need advice from nurses

    I'm not a nurse yet, but hopefully that will change in less than a year. Im 42 with a previous BS degree. I had little respect for nurses until nursing school. But Holy Crap!!! Nursing school is the biggest challenge I've ever faced! I couldnt even imagine tackling it if my kids were small. Many of my friends with little ones have failed out. I know people do manage, but the toll for failing is a heavy one. I think you're probably smarter than you give yourself credit for. You're obviously wise for considering all your options before making a decision. Best of luck!
  3. Puella

    What is your "thing" and how do you deal with it?

    Feet... clean feet, dirty feet, crusty feet, feet that flake skin everywhere when you pull a sock off, Wal-mart feet, fungus feet... just no... I can't... no. 🥺
  4. Puella

    EHR simulators

    Hello all. I am just wondering what EHR simulator you use. Do you like it? Do you chart on the simulator at the clinical site or are you charting on the actual EHR at the clinical sites? We just started using my.ehrtutor.com... halfway through nursing school. We chart on it at the clinical site. I am not a fan. It seems clunky. Are they all cumbersome to navigate? Thanks!
  5. Gross feet are my kryptonite.

  6. Puella

    I HATE nursing school... Now what?

    Pretty sure you climbed into my brain and typed my thoughts out. I would say we go to the same school but I'm in 4th semester with two more to go. You can do it! Just... power... through :)

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