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  1. Herecomesthesun

    I just got hired in a plastic surgery clinic. Are these red flags?

    You are currently unhappy and depressed in your NICU job. When you interview, go with the mindset that will ensure you work somewhere that will satisfy you. If you get weird, negative vibes from anyone don't take the job. You are no longer a "new grad" and desperate for any job that comes along. Also, if you stay in the NICU for 3 more months your skills will be more sellable.
  2. Herecomesthesun

    PACU "brain/cheat sheet"?

    This is such a good question. Congratulations! I may be able to transition from med-surg to PACU next year too. I would also like to ask what are the things you definitely need to know. For instance for my post op pt I always ask: last antibiotic time, type of anesthesia, end anaesthesia time, EBL. Also I have heard there is a medical procedures for dummies book that I plan to buy.
  3. Herecomesthesun


    I'd tell myself not to be afraid to get school loans, don't move out of your childhood home until after you finish school. I spent over 10 years in school just because I insisted on paying my own way, and working full time while I went to school part time for my LVN, and then RN. Now I'm going back to school for my BSN, and then MSN. sheesh! I could have been done so much faster. My years spent as an LVN in hospice were formative to the strong person I am now though.
  4. Herecomesthesun

    ICU or IMU telemetry?

    Congratulations!! That is awesome. I agree with a lot of the other nurses here. I also want to emphasize that I think the magnet hospital is the way to go because they will support your transition to another unit, another position, or higher education much more than a standard hospital. Also you may get some experience in the hospital and decide you want to take your career in a different pathway, and the magnet hospital will support and nurture these aspirations.
  5. Herecomesthesun

    To kill or not to kill... another person dream?

    Can you also get in contact with the paramedic that was there that day and get a notorized statement that she had admitted to poisoning you? I think this would be good just for your own protection.
  6. I agree with many here that the oncoming nurses response was inappropriate, and also could have made the BP higher. I don't think I saw anyone else mentioyn that if the patient was on IV fluids you should also think about decreasing or discontinuing this too. Sometimes I will hold these for 1hr and retake the BP to see if that is the cause, but I don't think that is technically allowed.
  7. Herecomesthesun

    Nurse bringing child to work

    I feel terrible for this mom, that being said I would never want my kid at my work. There are too many gross things there. I won't even hug or kiss when I get home before I have a thorough shower.
  8. Herecomesthesun

    I'm in desperate need of help!!!!

    If you have invested in personal nursing insurance consult them regarding legal advice. They may supply you with an attorney or free legal advice. Or ask HR if they supply legal advice. If you have a union and you are meeting with your supervisor they usually entitle you to have a union representative there to support you. If you know of some specific incident that they are speaking of take all the notes you can remember regarding what happen, what time, with whom, what was said, mention if you were understaffed etc... BUT don't disclose that you have notes, just memorize them before the meeting. During the meeting try to stick mostly to facts. Good luck!
  9. Herecomesthesun

    Abuse of nurses

    I'm sorry to say, but I am laughing at this. I have dealt with too many difficult patients and family! Some people can be so awful! It doesn't sound like your management is helping either. I'm thankful that my management tries to resolve issues without throwing me under the bus. I learned how to deal with difficult people in hospice. Those patients and family members are in major crisis mode. They are not always the nicest and to make matters worse, you are in their home. I think it's best to never escalate your voice to their level, acknowledge that they are facing a tough situation "being on isolation is just that, isolating. It must have been difficult to not be able to see the CNA smile". Let them vent, so they feel like you are listening. Realize that these people are facing tough issues, probably have mental health challenges and use that knowledge to NEVER take anything personally (super challenging, I know!). But still state simply "personal insults are inappropriate, please keep your comments on topic". Also, if personal insults continue tell them "I will not tolerate this behavior", and walk out if needed. Hope this helps.
  10. Herecomesthesun

    Job Opportunity or Relationship

    If the previous comments haven't convinced you yet I think you may want to look at what you wrote in the first place. You listed all the benefits of taking the job in SF, but none of the benefits of dear BF. As a former CA new grad that had to relocate to be able to find a job in the hospital I say take the job. I originally could not find a new grad position in a Sacramento hospital, so had to move to LA. I did not get new grad training, and the work environment was TOXIC. Thankfully husband was willing to move, and I am now at a different Hospital that is better, but we both miss Sacramento.
  11. Herecomesthesun

    My career is costing me my mental health and I am afraid

    Contact HR, see if they provide counseling, and go to your Dr and ask about your options to take medical leave. Go to counseling while on leave and really think about whether this job is worth it. Also look into Home Health or hospice nursing, or maybe medical rehab (not sure if this is a Nationwide job). Call up companies and ask if you can shadow. If you do go on paid leave you do not have to disclose this to a future employer. Also, it sounds like you may be able to ask a charge nurse or someone else from your team to act as a reference. Good luck sweetheart. Take care of yourself.
  12. Herecomesthesun

    RRT on Patient for Hospice

    If the patient was a DNR I certainly would not call an RRT, but if the patient was having difficulty breathing it may be appropriate to call the Respiratory Therapist, then the Dr if needed... Make surr they are pulled up in bed and put the HOB up. These things will help the patient, and help the family feel as if there family member is being cared for. Also keep calm, and educate the family on what is normal and expected. *I work in an acute hospital now, but prior to that I spent 5 years as a hospice nurse.

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