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    Got kicked out of nursing school

    When I fall I remind myself of why I start in the first place. What I look to for inspiration is the myth of sisyphus. Sisyphus cheated death numerous times and was sentenced by the gods to push a boulder up a mountain for all eternity, however, whenever he neared the top the boulder would come out of his grasp and roll back to the bottom only to have him start all over again. He was damned for all eternity to roll this boulder to the top of the mountain only to never quite reach the top. Included in this is a quote by Albert Camus, "One must imagine sisyphus happy.". You must find happiness in the absurd, no matter how many times your boulder rolls back down the mountain, you are required to start pushing it back up again. No matter how many times I may have a feeling of hopelessness or encounter roadblocks, I remind myself of this. Life is about the experience and the persistence of pushing for your goals. Your boulder is at the bottom of the hill, you have taken a rest, start pushing again.
  2. I get ribbed all the time from my friends calling me Mr Nurse and "Focker". But that's the way I interact with them. Before I went into nursing school I was seriously uninformed in the knowledge and skills that a nurse possess. Maybe they are uninformed as well. I would say use this to develop your sense of humor and learn to laugh at things, especially yourself, more.