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  1. Bullbythehorns

    WGU El Paso Nov. 2019

    So... @Bethanie Jernigan Did they mention when we should hear anything??? Have your evals been done? Good luck to you too; I see you’ve applied all over due to some clinical issues. I really hope we all get in. I read your Houston post and was so thankful that you and the other person are as anxious as I am and follow up constantly. I was beginning to fear I might send my EC running! Lol.
  2. Bullbythehorns

    WGU El Paso Nov. 2019

    Teas 78 Sci GPA 3.3 LVN since 2012 BA in Business
  3. Bullbythehorns

    WGU El Paso Nov. 2019

    Is anyone going for this specific cohort, or have any experience with the El Paso program??? I turned everything in, just waiting on the evaluation and acceptance!!!! Aaahhh!!!!