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  1. New LVN emergency situations

    @delrionurse thank you I need all the information I can get !
  2. New LVN emergency situations

    Hi everyone, I recently got my LVN license and I have already been on a few interviews. I have realized that each place I've already interviewed at is only willing to give a new grad just a few days of training before being placed on the cart. So I g...
  3. Passed my NCLEX PN but still waiting to be active on the BON

    Hello, I had a question because I was in a similar situation. I also had a past DUI in which I got dismissed a year ago. The dui was from 2017. I applied and immediately got my ATT without them asking me anything about the conviction. Before they gav...
  4. CSUSB FALL 2021

    At first I got accepted as pre nursing then I got the actual email for the nursing program at csusb but I’m pretty sure I was not their first choice . Someone probably denied their acceptance and then I got in because my stats were not as competitive
  5. CSUSB FALL 2021

    I got accepted this morning to the SB campus! These were my stats Cumulative: 3.77 Pre-req: 3.88 TEAS: 79.3 Local Not Bilingual
  6. CSUSB FALL 2021

    I haven’t heard anything either /:
  7. CSUB Nursing Fall 2021

    The orientation showed up only after you did the intent to enroll ? Right now all I see is intent to enroll my May 1
  8. CSUSB FALL 2021

    Did anyone else get an acceptance or denial? I still have gotten anything /:
  9. CSUSB FALL 2021

    “The Department of Nursing started sending notifications on Tuesday, 3/30/21 to applicants' CSUSB email address. Not all applicants have been notified yet as yesterday, Wednesday, 3/31/21 was a state holiday to observe Cesar Chavez Day. We will conti...
  10. CSUSB FALL 2021

    I haven’t heard anything either , I checked the SB email too
  11. Felony DUI and Lvn license

    Hi I just got approved to take my NCLEX although I heard getting approved wouldn’t be the problem , they said if I pass the NCLEX maybe they’d give me my lisence but Im pretty sure they will give it to me maybe I just have to be on probation or somet...
  12. CSUSB FALL 2021

    I emailed them and they said there has been a delay so we will be notified if we are accepted into the nursing program by the END of March. Also do you guys know the deadline to pay the enrollment fee of $100? I don’t want to pay until I know I am ac...
  13. CSUB Nursing Fall 2021

    Hey guys, I was also accepted into the University, now I'm just waiting to see if I am accepted into the program ?
  14. Felony DUI and Lvn license

    Thank you for sharing I really do appreciate it ! If you don’t mind me asking were any of the charges a felony ? Mine was a felony because some one fractured their wrist and another fractured their ankle so it was considered GBI . I think with a misd...
  15. Felony DUI and Lvn license

    Jessica Prince , hi thank you for sharing. Have you talked to anyone from the Nursing boards to ask how difficult it will be to obtain the actual license after you have taken your boards? All I keep hearing is that it depends case by case and they ...