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  1. Jerseygirl31

    Should I Start My 1st Job as a New Nurse at a Hospital Now?

    Thanks for that reassuring answer! That’s what I feel in my heart especially for the sake of my children. Wishing you well with your situation as well.
  2. Hi, I´m a new nurse with a non-medical background. This will be my first nursing job and it's at a hospital. I'm a mother of two young children and married. I´m so worried starting work in this scary time of COVID 19 but also afraid to miss an opportunity and potentially burning bridges by asking to change my start date. Any advice ?
  3. Jerseygirl31

    How to "calm" down autistic pediatric patient?

    No one expects her to be a therapist but from the start with her tone you could tell she has no real interest in learning anything and just wants an easy check. How would you like it as a mother if you heard someone expects your child to stay in one place with an iPad all day. God forbid actually trying to engage with the child instead of using her diagnosis to not even put forth an effort. I’m stating the obvious that many were thinking but too afraid to say.
  4. Jerseygirl31

    How to "calm" down autistic pediatric patient?

    As a nursing student and a mother of a two year autistic son, this is repulsing. It’s obvious this is not a good fit for you. You basically want to get paid for having a child lay in bed with an iPad all day. The worst part is you have no shame of coming on a public forum and spilling out this nonsense. Please do yourself, the innocent child and their family a favor of finding a job that you actually have interest in!
  5. Jerseygirl31

    Tips For LPNs Going For Their RN Degree

    hi Kymaults, I actually signed up just to message you a question bc i want to apply to delaware tech but it would not let me message you maybe bc i just became a member

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