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  1. Took NCLEX today and got bad popup?

    Did you go as far as getting your card charged and recieving a confirmation email to wait for your att and test again?
  2. How helpful was SimpleNursing to you?

    did you take the NCLEX already? did you use simple nursing?

    Did anyone here use UWorld, Kaplan, or SIMPLENURSING to study for NCLEX ? If you passed the NCLEX and have used any of these platforms, do you mind sharing your scores? Also, did you find the NCLEX easier than the practice questions on these platform...
  4. Kaplan Qbank Scores 60-67, am I doing okay?

    do you have any update? what was your Kaplan scores ?
  5. Med school drop out, now a CRNA. ask me anything...

    Did you feel like the semesters in CRNA school were just as dense as medical school? Or is the difficulty similar to that of premed courses? I found that premed courses were more difficult, conceptually, than medschool courses. But overall med school...
  6. How did everything workout?
  7. Hi. How was your Nursing in NYIT? Was it really hard to graduate? 

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    2. Ashkash


      Honestly I regret not applying for the fall, but hopefully my transfer goes well. Ohh that makes sense, but did you also take the different philosophy seminars? No TEAS is so lucky! 

    3. Gmilitar


      I didn’t have to take any other class aside from those two that I’ve mentioned

    4. Ashkash


      oh OK, thanks for the help!!


  8. NYIT Fall 2016 Nursing Program

    Hey can you tell me more about NYIT nursing program? In terms of the difficulty of the program and the attrition rate. Thanks in advance!
  9. NYIT Nursing graduates, anyone?

    Hey I know this is an old post but for those whose have attended the program, how was it? What class did you find to be the most difficult? I’m suppose to finish all the prereqs this fall and start the nursing program in the Spring and I’m currently ...
  10. NYIT Nursing graduates, anyone?

    Hey how was your experience attending the Nursing program at NYIT?
  11. Student Loans and Debt

    check other schools in long island as well. they offer scholarships to transfer students. I got into two colleges, one offering me half scholarship
  12. MDE Columbia University 2021

    yup definitely and 75k is a lot. you can save that money for a doctorate nursing degree, or possibly even apply for columbia’s nursing phd degree. I’m pretty sure you can learn some public health stuff in that program.
  13. MDE Columbia University 2021

    personally, I wouldn’t do it just for the sole purpose of making your application to columbia more competitive. columbia is already expensive. total cost of tuition is about 120k. it may or may not help, it’ll depend on your grade and experience in t...
  14. MDE Columbia University 2021

    I’ll say take the application process one day at a time and don’t rush it. I was on the same boat, I think I was one of the first one who submitted my application and, honestly, I don’t think it really mattered. even if you submit a month after the a...
  15. MDE Columbia University 2021

    yup. we started yesterday. I was excited and nervous but not anymore. LOL now it’s just trying to get familiar with this whole online learning process while, at the same time, trying to assimilate. you all have more than enough time LOL to fill out ...