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  1. cjello9

    Rose Medical Center

    Hello, I have an offer at Rose Medical Center in Denver and after researching it, it sounds like a great place to work! However, I do not know anyone who actually works there. There are people in my cohort to say not to work for HCA, but they have never worked there while online reviews from patients and currently employees are raving about the place and are impressive. Does anyone know what it is like to work at Rose?
  2. cjello9

    Waitlisted UCAN 2020

    Hi Everyone, I am on the waitlist for the UCAN starting in Spring 2020. I am curious, has anyone on the waitlist received a call yet?
  3. cjello9

    UCAN Denver 2020

    Just curious, has anyone on the waitlist heard back from Anapin yet? Have calls gone out yet?
  4. cjello9

    MSU Denver Spring 2020 ANO

    Hi Guys, I am worried too. I found out I am waitlisted for Anschutz ANO program but I really would love to get into Metro. Depending on how the GPA is Calculated (I took anatomy and physiology separately so I have no idea) I either have 8 or 9 points with their system. Does anyone know what the chances are of getting in?
  5. cjello9

    UCAN Denver 2020

    Hey guys, Just heard from the program. I am Waitlisted. Is anyone else on the waitlist? Also, does anyone know how many people are on the waitlist for this program?