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  1. Which is more of a priority? A post-op c-section mother a few days after pregnancy with a blood clot in her leg or a mother who has not urinated for at least 10 hours? This is messing me up because a blood clot could lead to poor perfusion in the leg > tissue damage or it could turn into a pulmonary embolism (thus the priority). However, poor UOP is r/t decreased perfusion - the C in ABCs.
  2. Giraffel

    Should I be worried?

    I think I'm starting to become burned out. I used to be a straight A student and school wasn't really hard for me. However, I'm in my second semester of the nursing program and last semester I received all B's except one A. I feel forgetful and I can't concentrate well. I feel like I finish studying just before one test to get a B or an A on it, then dump out all the info and study for the next test. Annnd repeat. When I try to study my mind goes elsewhere and there's just so much information I feel like I'm going to explode. Even when I take time to relax, I can't really relax because I just think of everything I have to do. I'm sleeping horrible lately and I think that's why I don't do as well on my tests. At lot of the information I miss is not knowledge based, but critical thinking based. I feel like everyone understands and remembers things, and I can barely even remember simple things like the difference between acetaminophen and ibuprofen. I got my worst grade yet, a 78 on a test and I'm so worried. I have a feeling I'm going to just do worse and worse. I'm looking forward to the Summer which I plan to restudy everything because I want to be a good nurse. I don't know how to improve my critical thinking because I think so much differently than other people... I basically overthink things. The problem is they tell us not to overthink, but then also ask us to overthink at other times. There isn't a way to know when you need to do that.