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  1. Hey, are you in Facebook group? Msg me in messenger if yes.

    1. LindsayMomof3


      Sorry I’m not on Facebook : ( 

    2. Iryna_IC


      Occupational health services at Lee convenient 239 343 9841

      I did let them know what I needed and they told me what I had to get done. I had it all done there: physical, TST, titers, shots. 
      Let them know exactly how it is required in castle branch. I had titers done for MMR and Varicella. Got TDaP shot and Hep B. TST has to be done with physical I believe there but that’s what you need. 

    3. LindsayMomof3


      Awesome! My mom actually found my vaccine record lol but I still need tdap tst and varicella titer, I’ll give them a call! Thanks for the help : ) 


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