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  1. Hi,

    How is the schedule at Cy-Fair? How many days per week are you going? Do you feel this school is tougher than the other schools?  How many dropped off after the first semester? 

    1. matchagarcia1


      Keep in mind anything I tell you is subject to change depending on them. The first semester was Monday was like 12-4 lecture. Tuesday was 9-11 lecture. Wednesday was 9-12 lab. Friday was 8-12. However there were two different schedules. But I was part of the “Friday group”. For second semester it was during the summer. Medsurg 1 8-12 Monday’s. Tuesday was clinicals, be prepared for 12 hrs). Wednesday mental health lecture from 9-12. Thursday sometimes clinicals. Friday we had mental health clinicals. Again, there are two different schedules for students. And honestly the school is harder. Cyfair is a 18 month program which means is fast paced. All tests are nclex style. And I think about 5 dropped after the first semester. Second semester lost about 18-20 people. 

    2. twindaddy75


       I hear that. And I'm not sure if it is because of the block curriculum but a few admins say they prefer Cy-Fair grads. I am told that North Harris and Kingwood are easier, but that doesn't equal better. 

    3. matchagarcia1


      Yeah I’ve heard those are easier too. I heard one of those offered extra credit I couldn’t believe it lol it’s a whole different level of studying. Harder then HESI 


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