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MyNameIsJeff has 6 years experience as a CNA, EMT-B and specializes in ED/Peds/Occ Health.

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  1. New grad Pay Knoxville, TN

    I know it sounds stupid, but check out @kay_bsntobe on tiktok. She has a link to an up-to-date excel sheet for each state that shows the income for RN's in each specialty, with years of experience, any extra bonuses, shifts, specialty and cities. It ...
  2. Calculating Gov RN Pay Scale

    The nice thing about the VA nursing scale is that it's in excel format on the OPM website and once you realize the breakdown of what you would be, as the one person said before, "NurseI/II Level I/II/III etc..." you can determine what the pay is for ...
  3. Calculating Gov RN Pay Scale

    Not even close.
  4. DOD Civilian Pay (How does it work?)

    Not even in the slightest. Thanks anyways.
  5. DOD Civilian Pay (How does it work?)

    Hi all, I've worked for the DOD as an Army Civilian and as an MSA for the VA. I'm familiar with how the VA does their VN pay scale, and seeing a general listing for the GS 5-15 for Clinical Nursing for the DOD(AF), I was curious how it worked ex...
  6. Our Lady of Lourdes Nursing Program (Camden)

    Also ---------------------- left back in the Summer. I was actually on her last information session the week before she retired. I've gotten some insight to the RCBC program from some current students, and they're telling me to run as fast as a...
  7. Our Lady of Lourdes Nursing Program (Camden)

    The scheduling is what I'm looking at. I still need to work at least part time (.6 FTE if not .75) and go to school. I've done some forward thinking and planned out a mock schedule with RCBC and realized that I wouldn't be able to do a day shift if I...
  8. Our Lady of Lourdes Nursing Program (Camden)

    I mean there are major universities over the bridge that don't have amazing pass rates nor focus on NCLEX testing and kind of just leave students fending for themselves once their program is done. Nor do I think passing the first time makes you a bet...
  9. Our Lady of Lourdes Nursing Program (Camden)

    Has anyone gotten a yes from OLOLSON and RCBC/Burlington County and decided OLOL over RCBC? Why, or why not? Would you change your choice now having gone through the OLOL program?
  10. RCBC Nursing Spring 2022

    Hi all! I'm just wondering who else on here has gotten accepted to Rowan College at Burlington County for the Spring of 2022. Also anyone currently in an RCBC nursing program or that has recently graduated from the program, are you happy with th...
  11. Navy Nurse ED/Flight Nursing

    So that I'm not 100% sure of, although it being 2020, they're very attentive on their social media platforms from what I was told recently. So try that.
  12. Navy Nurse ED/Flight Nursing

    There's 1,001 ways around this, if you understand how to play the game. Verbiage is everything. It can mean the difference between the reaction you're getting from your recruiter, to just asking for records, to a simple mention in the prescreen and t...
  13. Navy Nurse ED/Flight Nursing

    So did he actually submit the pre-screen for review? If so, then you'd have to wait until it's rejected and then give the documentation requested. If they never actually submitted any formal paperwork and you haven't been to MEPS, find an actual Medi...
  14. Navy Nurse Corps FNP school?

    Essentially, when you apply for the program you go through MEPS just like everyone else and sign your contract like everyone else. In the basic answer, yes.
  15. FY 2021/22 Navy Nurse Corps

    So pick a specialty. Manning for ICU/CC is almost always 10:1 or greater than the rest. If I remember correctly, this past year there was only like 2 listings for ED/TRAUMA. Not to mention they’re 2 completely different animals. You’re gonna...