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  1. marylandrn3

    University of Maryland CRNA 2020

    I got accepted!!
  2. marylandrn3

    University of Maryland CRNA 2020

    There is no concrete evidence that states if your status changes from committee review back to complete that you are out. I called admissions and they stated that they will either email you or call you for an interview. She also said that she is not sure why the system keeps changing application statuses. So no one really knows. I would just wait in they next couple weeks to see what happens. Hope this makes people feel better.
  3. marylandrn3

    University of Maryland CRNA 2020

    Hi everyone! Stats: 4 years experience in ICU. Currently work in CSICU GPA: 3.79; Science 4.0 CCRN, ACLS, BLS 21 hours of CRNA shadowing Why can't we all just get accepted! :) Good luck everyone!

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