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  1. New Grad Fired From First RN Job After 90 Days

    That is entirely false. OP should omit being fired from their first job on their resume. They do not have to tell employers unless it's required for a federal job. I have worked 4 jobs but only list two on my resume. The first I was also fired from a...
  2. New Grad Fired From First RN Job After 90 Days

    You will be fine. You're still a new grad, so finding another job will be easier for you than any other experienced nurse who has been fired. Just leave the first job off your resume and keep applying to other jobs.
  3. I really want to be a Scrub nurse

    If you want OR then go for it as a new grad. You can’t be pigeonholed in the OR if it’s what you want to do. So I suggest you to get some shadowing experience too. As far as getting bedside skills first….you can but it won’t be pretty. Bedside is har...
  4. Telemetry/Med-Surg Dayshift or MICU Nightshift ?

    Are you sure that you can't work with nights due to having day classes as well? That could be your issue by not having a consistent sleep schedule. Otherwise, if you really can't see yourself doing nights again, I would choose the day shift tele posi...
  5. Chicago Unionized Hospitals

    I believe UI Health and UChicago Medicine are apart of a union.
  6. Tennessee

    Not much. If you take a look at this link of nurses who inputed their income in TN, it will tell you based on their years of experience. The highest I have seen is $39 with 19 years of experience inputed but that does not look to be the norm. ...
  7. Non hospital or Bedside nursing position as a new grad

    Do you plan on staying in LA after graduating? New grads don't have to work the bedside but it can be market dependent. I wouldn't be surprised if all those non-beside jobs (especially research gigs) haven't been taken already in the LA area, or is ...
  8. Relocate for scrub experience?

    Where can I go in the states to get scrub experience as a RN? I really want a hospital who invests in their RN's to have them to both scrub & circulate. It seems like I won't be getting that in the PNW. Edit: I will be giving a 2 yea...
  9. Tennessee

    What city? I lived in Nashville once and I worked at VUMC there. The pay was crap at $23 base pay for new grads but it is a well known teaching hospital. It's great to have it on your resume.
  10. Hi everyone, I accepted a position in the pediatric OR at a top children's hospital on the west coast. However, I really want to travel nurse In the future once I get 3-5 years of experience. I feel like the pediatric OR will pigeonhole me if I don't...
  11. Scary commute for work?

    I know I may be naive now to the commute as my current job is only a 10 minute commute ( which I love) but I think I will see if I can tolerate it or not then a small apartment closer to the city will be the answer. Thanks!
  12. Scary commute for work?

    This is the scary part of what I’ve been thinking, what if their is a car accident or new road construction and that lengthens commute? That is also something to consider. Thanks.
  13. Scary commute for work?

    I never had to do rotating shifts before, however the good news is that my manager said I could switch to nights permanently if I can not handle it. I am currently a night nurse, which I am tolerating it just find, so I told myself to just feel out t...
  14. Scary commute for work?

    I will be working rotating shifts. So it will 4 weeks on nights and 4 weeks on days.
  15. Nashville New Grad: $23.05 base pay for high COL area Diffs: $6.00 weekend $3.00 nights $20.00 for incentive overtime Chicago New Grad: $28.25 base diffs: Don't have that exact amount yet.