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  1. CGFNS made life difficult for international Nurses lIt took them one good year before releasing result of evaluation. Upon releasing ,requesting for maternal/infant nursing to be done by BON. Any help where they are offering the courses? I need help Thanks
  2. Yinks

    Looking for Australian nurses in New Jersey!

    Hello NRSKarenRN, Please would you know any college in NJ where I can take courses in maternal / infant nursing as deficient courses reported by CGFNS after CES they did on my qualifications as RN from Australia? I have contacted many colleges but it appears they want me to undertake 3-year BSN degree program all over again despite already having my bachelors in nursing from Australia and even worked as RN there before moving to NJ. I will appreciate your advice on this. Thanks Yinks
  3. Hi Chicarol,

    Any update from NY bon in regards to your evaluation .I'm still looking for ways to get Peds & obs done, no information from any source, no school is ready to absorb me for that unit course alone.

  4. Yinks

    Australian RN to become RN in New Jersey

    Thanks to your respond, any idea where these deficiency could be done(Obs&Ped) I was given only one year before my evaluation expire from CGFNS, otherwise I have to start processing again. Yinks
  5. Hello, Newly relocated to New Jersey from Australia as an RN, I finished my evaluation with CGFNS, reports from CGFNS shows that am deficient in Maternal /infant nursing. Anyone over there has such an experience like this? Does CGFNS offer these courses? Or do I need to attend a university / college offering them as certificate courses in NJ? I will appreciate any useful advice on the step to take. Thanks Yinks

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