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    San Francisco State Spring 2021

    Hi everyone! I didn't find a page for the Spring 2021 applicants for San Francisco State. I know everything is a little sketch with Covid right now so things are moving slower and unexpected delays pop up daily. I wanted to start this forum to help us all stay in the know with our applications for this Spring. Feel free to drop stats if you would like or any updates on acceptances/waitlists/denials etc. Congrats to everyone for starting your nursing journeys! my stats: 3.75 GPA TEAS: 86.7 no extra criteria so I'm nervous!
  2. FutureNurseAshe

    National University Fresno Cohort 22- April 2019

    congratulations on getting in! do you guys mind me asking what the cohorts acceptance stats were ? I am looking to apply next year.Were Any financial grants offered by the college to either of you? its almost $60,000 to do the two year program so im planning now
  3. Thank you for the feedback 🙂
  4. Hi everyone ! I’ll try to give brief background ! : ive done well on all GE requirements ( only 2 Cs) but there are a few classes I did terribly in for nursing applications. I should have taken a year off school but my pride got the better of me and I just got a spiral of failing grades all year last year.ended up withdrawing from micro (W ON transcript) during summer ,then got a D in it next try. Got an F in physiology,then withdrew from an anatomy class same semester as physio(W on record AGAIN) literally that entire year just FAIL. I just retook anatomy during the summer and Got a B. I’m currently enrolled in physio and currently have an A. And will take micro again and hoping for an A as well. My questions: im definitely heading in the right direction and going to receive nothing less an a B in those pre requisites but I’m having a hard time finding schools that will let me apply at all because of how many repeats I have . I’ve been told my counselor that ALL public schools I’ve pretty much lost my chance with because of a repeat rule that’s being implemented at a lot of them .I REALLY want to stay in mid to northern California due to it if state tuition and how good it looks to employers to earn a license here . I didn’t realize there was a repeat rules til it was too late at a lot of schools otherwise I would have dropped FOR SURE. SO .. 1. I’m reaching out to find out if anyone had applied to or knows of possible public schools that I can still apply to with my situation? 2. I’ve looked into California Sonoma state and really want to get info on they’re policy for this if anyone had attended to applied here before with repeats? 3. I’m open to private schools as well as long as everything is accredited I’m open to suggestion or ANY leads with this. 4. Is it possible that I can be turned away with those first attempts on my record even though there not being used for final application ? help! I’m feeling so discouraged.