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  1. 4pplepie99

    Anyone know anything about accelerated nursing programs??

    Thank you for sharing! Definitely giving me some hope right now. Everyone’s been telling me I can’t do it and that I won’t make it, kind of discouraging but this is what I want so I’m still going to do it. You have quite an inspiring journey and definitely have given me hope as someone who’s not the most stellar student. I respect all the nurses and to-be nurses for treading through this difficult process! Good luck to you and I hope you succeed!
  2. 4pplepie99

    Anyone know anything about accelerated nursing programs??

    Yea I’m afraid that I wasted four years earning a degree that won’t even matter in the long run of a nursing career. I was interested in the career of a nurse practitioner so would that mean I would finish my BS right now, go get an AASN, then go back to get a BSN and masters? Also how long would that whole process take me then including one more year at the university I’m still attending?
  3. 4pplepie99

    Anyone know anything about accelerated nursing programs??

    So would my degree just go to waste? And my local community college does offer an AASN. Could I use the classes taken at my university and apply them to those prereqs so I won’t have to take them again? And in your opinion, do you think that going to a community college would be a better path than an accelerated program?
  4. I am currently still in my undergrad years and I am majoring in something non-nurse related (BS in medical anthropology) and I had suddenly felt a change of mind and heart to fulfill a career as a nurse but everyone keeps telling me it's too late for me. I did some research online and I came across some programs called a second degree nursing program or an accelerated nursing program? Does anyone know much about that and it's competitiveness? I'm not the most stellar student when it comes to GPA (3.0) so would it be worth a shot to apply or is it out of the question? Has anyone gone through this program and like to share their experience (it would be greatly appreciated )
  5. 4pplepie99

    Can I be a nurse without majoring in BSN?

    Could I still study to be a nurse while majoring in something other than “Nursing”? Or do I have to get into the nursing major? Should I not be majoring in medical anthropology (is that a waste of time and money? Is that an irrelevant major towards a nursing career?)
  6. Hi, I'm feeling really stressed out and scared for my future. I am currently entering my sophomore year in a 4 year university. I thought I wanted to medical school but with my low GPA I don't think that's happening. My friend is studying to become a nurse and I looked into it and I am interested. I always knew I wanted to go somewhere in the medical field but I didn't know what. I didn't do well in a class recently and I'm predicting a cumulative gpa of 2.0 for my freshman year and I'm feeling very hopeless about my future right now. The nursing major (BSN) at my university is known to be very competitive and I feel like I have no chance of getting in. Right now, my intended major is Anthropology (Medical anthropology/global health anthropology) and now I'm not sure what to do. Any advice on what I should do? Should I drop out of the university and transfer to a community college and get an AA for nursing and then go back to a university or is there another solution? Please any advice would really be helpful. I feel so lost, directionless and hopeless.