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  1. Peth test

    Yeah that’s sucks. Mine took 14 days to come back I was going insane! There was no level it just said ‘negative’ which means it was <20 for the Peth
  2. Peth test

    If you only had 2 shots 13 days before with no prior drinking I’m almost positive you’ll be okay. I had like 4 glasses of wine and a shot 14 days prior and wa a negative (with no drinking prior to that)
  3. Peth test

    Thank you soooo much everyone I will never ever chance it again I’m so thankful starting fresh. Marybeth I drank like 4 glasses of wine and a shot 14 days before testing. (I was 6 months abstinent prior to that)
  4. Peth test

    Omg ladies 14 days later I was NEGATIVE!!!!
  5. Peth test

    Have you heard anything about your test?
  6. Affinity/IPN/labcorp

    Okay thank you. Everyone’s been saying 5 days which freaked me out
  7. Affinity/IPN/labcorp

    I just want to know already today is 13 days? sooo much anxiety I can’t take it. Due t hurricane my monitoring ppl are out until Thursday! I hope I get results from labcorp before then
  8. Affinity/IPN/labcorp

    Yeah my urines come back super quick too I just haven’t had one come back on a weekend yet. Thankfully they didn’t drop me this week after 3 the week before $$$? do you know the longest it’s taken for a Peth for you? 11 days now is driving me nuts
  9. Affinity/IPN/labcorp

    Does anyone know if Affinity (I test at labcorp) releases results on the weekend. Been 10 days since my PETH I’m sick of waiting
  10. Peth test

    I would tell your case manager you cannot afford $4000 and see if there’s ANY other options. Here our evaluations are $1000. The way that doctor sound is that he’d recommend inpatient anyway and that the 4000$ would be for him just to tell you that. ...
  11. Suspension?

    My license was suspended due to diverting meds. They served me papers saying I could NOT practice and it took a week or two to show on my license as suspended. On the papers it said if I complied with all of my states diversion programs (IPN) require...
  12. Peth test

    Did they say you cannot work? Unless they said that I would keep working, doing what’s on your contract and anything they ask of you.
  13. Peth test

    Mine still says received at lab and no results and I did it on the 22nd I’m going insane... have you heard anything
  14. Peth test

    I read it takes 5-10 days ?
  15. Peth test

    Ugh I can’t take th anxiety anymore it’s been 7 days