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  1. Anyone else in cohort 4? I’ve been checking to see if anyone has started a FB group but nothing as of yet.
  2. I’ve taken cpr before but not bls, so I wasn’t sure if I would need the manual. I was hoping to take it oct 12 but ordering the book- it wouldn’t be here on time
  3. Who isn’t taking their cpr through the school? Are you purchasing the manual? Trying to get my date set up
  4. Got my email at 5:30 ! Plant city cohort 4!
  5. Soooo ready to know LoL everyone’s asking me and I’m like idkkkk quit making me stress over it
  6. Ok! I wasn’t sure! Thank you
  7. On my progress toward degree- nursing applicant option it added after they finished my paperwork- it says anticipation date of 09/23/18... so maybe by then !?!
  8. Sending good vibes to everyone! Praying for plant city
  9. I dropped my application off in the box at DM on 8/02/2019. My documents were just updated yesterday.
  10. This is my first semester applying but this is what it shows on my end , it should reflect new dates going along with your new app
  11. I read on the instructions sheet that if it shows not received it just means they are still processing that portion of the application.
  12. Hi all! I am Paige. New to the thread. My docs were uploaded today! Praying everyone gets in

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