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  1. How did you study for A&P 1? Any tips? 

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    2. canickell11


      Good luck!! I took AP1 this past summer for 8 weeks both lecture and lab were online and I made an A. All my lecture test grades were B's and C's but all my Lab grades were A's. All my other homework and quizzes were A's. Lecture is harder for me then lab cuz lab to me was just memorization and I have a great memory. Lecture I had to really try and I still didn't make one A on a lecture test. But I realized that for lecture you just need to read the book and read the chapter powerpoint everyday. Tricks for memorization is trying to tie one thing to another. Don't try to memorize just one thing individually, try to make it to where you can remember like for instance this part of the bone is on the same part of the arm with this part of the bone or something like that. I hope that made sense. If you have any questions you can always message me!

    3. twindaddy75


      You're a gem. Thank you. Good luck in school. I'll br right behind this class next Fall (at one LSC campus).

    4. canickell11


      Thanks! You'll do fine this semester just work extra hard cuz trust me once you get into the program it will all be worth it! Have you taken your HESI?

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