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  1. Now I feel even more nervous since they asked me about one med, couple of behavioral questions, and few things I am proud of in my resume ... that’s it. Even though I feel like I did well, the interview last about 15-20 min...
  2. Yes that what they said to me. 1-2 weeks
  3. Hey! I’ve answered all questions they asked(3ppl). But it was quick compare to a person they interviewed prior me . How about you?
  4. Hey guys! Today is the day! I’m wishing us good luck on interview !!!
  5. This is a front page of your portfolio, which has your full name and GPA. I personally haven’t added anything else to it. Do you guys have only 2 letters of recommendations or you will show more ?
  6. Here is the list of availabilities for previous August 2019 RN new grad residency program. The following Medical/Surgical and Telemetry Monitored Units as well as the Operating Room may be accepting new graduates: Medical/Surgical • 4NW Stroke • 4SE Infectious Disease w/Palliative Care • 4SW Oncology w/BMT • 5SE Medical Surgical • 5SW Medical Surgical • 7N Orthopedic Surgery • 7SE Medical Diabetes • 7SW Medical Surgical Tele • 8NE Neurology Surgery • 8NW Spine Surgery • 8SE GI Surgery • 8SW Urology/plastic Surgery Telemetry Monitored Units • 3SCCT Universal Unit Med Surg/Tele · 5NE Cardiac Telemetry · 5NW Cardiac/Medical Telemetry • 6NE Surgical Stepdown (post op Cardiac) • 6NW Surgical Telemetry (post op heart, lung liver) • 6S Advanced Heart Failure Unit NICU - Pediatrics
  7. Hey good question! Mine are not with wet signatures. My preceptor just wrote and emailed it to me. For some reason I think it will be fine , what are your thoughts?
  8. Hey, I’m not a public speaker at all ;)) I was watching couple of videos on YouTube ... just basically googled “nursing interview questions”. I don’t know if it helps. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone who had an in person interview there... however i’ve read somewhere they might ask us about certain medications and what we need to monitor ... lasix, Coumadin ...
  9. My interview is scheduled at 4
  10. I just received an email from them for an in person interview
  11. Haven’t heard anything either
  12. Mss

    Cedars-Sinai October 2019 New Grad

    Hi ;) Received an email invite today as well.