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  1. Hello everyone, I am a new graduate BSN nurse, passed my board without issue and had a job lined up, everything seemed to fall into placed without a hitch. However, I am now 6 months into my Med/Surg critical access hospital position and find myself dreading my job. The position is ideal for a new grad, excellent staffing, great patient to RN ratios, appropriate CNA staffing, and good supportive coworkers. Yet I find the population to be very draining and repetitive, same patient day after day. The days I've found the most enjoyable are nights when I get an ICU level or trauma in patient that requires consistent monitoring, critical thinking and frequent assessment, but these are few and far between. I fully understand that I'm brand new, I'm still developing my foundation and I have a lot to learn, yet at what point should I make a change if I am unhappy in my current position? Is 6 months too early to switch positions or specialities? Med/Surg wasn't my favorite clinical rotation in school, but most nurses recommended putting in the standard 1 year with this population. Do nurses still recommend this path? I'm beginning to question if I made the right career choice and if nursing is for me. Thank you for taking to time to read and respond! Its very much appreciated.