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Sillycat is a LPN and specializes in Oncology.

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  1. Thank you! It feels hopeless some days but I know it's not. It just gives me time to take a break and take another online class while waiting to get started again. The last person I want to really make mad is the Dean of Nursing. She holds my degree in her hand.
  2. Oh no, if I decided to reapply then I won't do or say anything to the program directors. I will just fly under the radar and go to this instructors class if they will let me. If this tells you anything about our program, we started last August 2018 with 100 people, then we added 25 bridge students which makes it a total of 125, there are only like 75 people left in the program. There would have been even less if they hadn't readjusted the final grades once again. I will hold my tongue on this one, I will reapply and ask to go to a different campus because when I checked into another nursing program in our area, they said that my Peds and Mental Health classes wouldn't count and I would have to retake them. Which totally stinks.
  3. It is and we pay for that.
  4. No this is a community college. I'm not sure why they offer multiple campuses because you would think that it would be easier to have us all at one campus because we did that when one instructor was teaching cardiac. It's probably also for clinical simulation and the space that's needed there. We (our class) just couldn't understand why they would let a instructor teach a class when she really didn't know what she was talking about. That's when we would go home and watch the Youtube channel. We also could listen to this instructors lecture because someone in the class would record it and then share it. So we had to go to our regular campus and spend 5 hours with an instructor who really didn't know things (she would shut down people when they had questions and she didn't know the answers) and then we would listen to the instructors lecture that was recorded who we all think would have been the best instructor for the program. A lot of us voiced our opinions about said teacher and not learning from her but our complaints was ignored.
  5. Oh I wasn't going to get an attorney, I just had a classmate who had to do that. In the end, she was found innocent and she explained how corrupt our program was, and I am truly happy that she was able to fight it but it was 7 weeks of hell for her. My classmate is the one who suggested that but I wouldn't go that route, like I said, I don't want to upset them. We don't have a nursing coordinator.
  6. Yes there is an instructor that teaches well. I am going to try to go to her campus next Fall, There was a ton of people that failed many exams but barely managed to pass the semester, I'm not sure if it's there teaching because our instructor at our campus was just terrible. We (as a whole class) would rather watch paint dry. But we had access to a Youtube channel of one of the other instructors so a lot of us would watch that as well. Our class at our campus is small (there was 21 of us at that campus and 5 of us failed out) There are 3 campuses, I am going to try to go to the one that's 30 miles away from my house because I think she's the best instructor. I did try to address the issue after the endocrine exam with the instructors but I did not get my accommodation support person involved because I was afraid of retaliation, this school is so warped. When I say retaliation, there are always points that are given back after exams, sometimes people would get points (more so than others) There has been up to 10 points given back, when it happens I usually only get 2-4 so I am afraid that if I go and try to do something then I won't even get those back. It's such a icky situation, I was just wanting to see what you guys think. I have a classmate who is pushing hard for me to do something and I think I am just going to let it be.
  7. The whole problem about trying to prepare us for the NCLEX was I could answer all kinds of NCLEX questions on my apps on my phone, I've had no problem but when I get into their test and everything they preach, I can't seem to find the answer that they want. They are all good answers but they need the best answer which I understand. But they teach it one way, and then ask it another way, we was all confused. I don't want to seem like I'm looking for someone to blame. I'm just stumped. I don't want to upset them. I just want to finish my RN. The anxiety that I deal with is all around test taking. I think I need to look at test taking skills again.
  8. My therapist actually suggested this! I failed Med Surg 2. I didn't fail any of my specialty classes. I've passed mental health and peds, I've also passed fundamental, and med surg 1. Oh no, I only failed Med Surg, I didn't fail any of my specialty classes. We are only allowed two attempts and then that's it. So I worked through my whole semester and ended up failing by two points. It just stinks, I wasn't sure what to do other than suck it up and hope that they let me back in next fall. Most of our classmates was on the line also, a few failed out and then grades was readjusted. I do need to re-evaluate how I do things.
  9. Ugh, I failed out of nursing school this semester. It was horrible. I have a documented disability with an accommodation plan through the school. In my plan it states that if I have some sort of disability crisis before or during an exam that I can meet with the instructor and disability services about it. I had this crisis before our Endocrine exam. I have anxiety issues. We was supposed to take our exam at one campus and the software for the exam wasn't installed on the new computers which made us have to move campuses, I was not prepared for this. It threw my anxiety into a tailspin. Prior to taking the exam I went to the instructor crying and told her that I didn't think I could take the exam, I was told to breathe, breathe and breathe some more, I eyeballed her during the exam and she kept trying to reassure me that it would be ok, but it wasn't. My focus was gone. My regular instructor came into the classroom and I was almost the last person to leave the room. I, of course, failed the exam badly. I've never failed an exam like this. When I went to my instructor after the exam she suggested that I see a therapist, I told her I already do, not that was any of her business. She then suggested I see another one? So as you can imagine after this one test that totally blew my confidence in test taking. The test that I bombed was Endocrine and that is not an easy subject but I had felt pretty good about it prior to having the issues with the computers and such. I suck at test taking as it is. After failing it and speaking to my instructor and then crying in another instructors office for an hour I decided to go home and debate about letting disability services know since I didn't want to get on their bad side (our Dean), I thought about it for a week and when we was at another campus (our class as a whole) I went to one of the instructors to ask about it, they basically told me tough luck. I've already seen the exam and that's that. I wasn't sure what to do after that. I just kept hoping for the best and flying under the radar (we had some problems with the accommodation problem and then Dean in the Spring). I kept on going to class and kept on failing test, not failing horribly but nonetheless failing it, the one test that made the most difference was that Endocrine test, the test that I tried to get help with, the test where I went to the instructor. Again, my confidence and worry just kept getting in the way of the test, I knew the material. Our policy for testing is you must have a 78%, it's always been that. If you don't make a 78% you fail. After our final was taken there was several people who failed, who literally failed the class, it was posted as a final grade. Then they decided to throw out another couple of questions to push some people over to the passing side after the first final grade was posted. We was always told if it's 77.9% it doesn't matter, we will not give it to you. In our clinical setting it's either pass or fail, if you don't go and don't attend and don't complete care plans and such then you fail. It's all or none. You have to attend. If you don't they do a makeup case study, which is not the same as clinical experience. However this is how they do things. I have attended all of my clinicals. I have done great with all of my work. I have had nothing but good and positive feedback in my clinical settings. I have a classmate who had to obtain a lawyer because of our Dean trying to remove her from the program and she wasn't even interviewed about the incidence that happened at school, she was just written up and was fixing to be kicked out of the program. I had spoke to her about everything and she suggested that I do something about all of this, file a complaint against the nursing department. I just don't know what to do. I have to apply for readmission and the last thing I want to do is upset them and make it so that I can't get back into the program. But there is no guarantee that they will let me back in anyways. I am just trying to figure out what to do? Bite my tongue about what happened with the Endocrine test? Hope that they just let me back in when the fall semester starts? My current professor is horrible. She would say mean and snarky things to me, not to all of the class but to me. I don't ever want to be in her class again. I just don't know what to do. Any thoughts? Even if it's just to tell me to get over it then I will at least see what other people think about it. I have another classmate telling me to do something about it as well. I just don't know if I should hold my tongue or have the disability services file a complaint?
  10. Sillycat

    Should you report it if you have a disability?

    No, as this is not typical or it is not typical to me. I know that some anxiety is a good thing, but my anxiety makes me want to pass out or have a panic attack. That is what the accommodation plan is for. I just don't want them to think that I am not able to complete the program when I know I can and will, it's just a matter of disclosing that to my new instructors. It was never like this until I had my fourth child and struggled to get my life back on track. I had something traumatic happen to me and I struggled with that. It had nothing to do with any patients that I took care of, I was the patient when it occurred.
  11. So I was working in 2006-2008 in the hospital as an LPN, I then went on to work in a doctors office, had my son and postpartum depression hit me like a ton of bricks. It took me a long time to work through that... still working on it, I've gotten severe anxiety and I am in RN school, I'm in my second year, I'm doing ok with everything so far. I have an accommodation plan provided through the school with disability services. The plan gives me like "leave class" or "attendance consideration" also alternative testing, but they didn't like that when I submitted it last year so I revoked the alternative testing part. Now that we are back in class we are doing case studies and such which makes us present to the class (there are several of us in a case study) I was wanting to know what you guys thought about submitting it? I literally panic in school, not in the clinical setting, I've never had a problem there but in a classroom setting I do. Even at my age I get terrorized when I hear the teacher call out my name and then feeling dumb as crap because my anxiety paralyzes me in a group of my peers. I was and am not bothered by it in clinical/nor lab. Should I submit or not? I am truly terrified of having to give this big case study to a group of 80 people.
  12. Sillycat

    Should I do lpn to rn instead of pre-reqs?

    I became an LPN in 2006. I decided to go back to school in 2016, I had to take prereq's, I wanted to do the bridge program but the way it was set up, you still needed prereq's. So I went the traditional route and I am happy that I did. I took two years of prereq's (summers included) and I am in my second year and final of RN school. I'm hoping May gets here soon, but I'm also hoping that I don't let my nerves get the best of me. By the way, I will be almost 45 when I graduate. Don't put it off if you want to be an RN. Go for it. I went the LPN route because I wanted to know if I could handle nursing but then I got complacent and didn't finish up what my initial goal was. It's taken me 13 years to get here. You're young! Go for it!!
  13. Sillycat

    Question about HESI and Graduation

    Hi all! I've read through the previous post and it made me think about graduation and the HESI testing. I'm second year and my graduation is in May (hopefully) I was reading about graduating and the HESI so I emailed my first year advisor and I asked her. This was her response. Please help me understand what she is trying to say? She says "you do not have to pass the HESI to pass the program. The HESI end of course exams will count for 5% of your course grade, even the HESI NCLEX predictor. If you are unsuccessful on the NCLEX predictor you will have to retake the exam. If you are still unsuccessful, you will have to complete a NCLEX review course. So I'm lost. At the end of first year I failed my HESI badly. I let my nerves and the time get to me, I changed answers (which I know better than to do) Does anyone have any information or tips they can give me?

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