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  1. Hello beautiful people! Not sure how to use this site yet since I've never tried asking a question on here and would usually just read other nurses input on certain topics.

    I'm hoping to get some answers or thoughts about which job is better while continuing my education to be an RN

    I have an offer to be fulltime LVN as homehealth nurse or fulltime in a SNF as treatment nurse. Both offers have agreed to work with my schedule as a student, but am not sure which is best. 


    1. CaliHHRN

      CaliHHRN, ASN, RN

      Home health for me was more convenient when getting my RN because of the flexibility. I live in Sac and went to Carrington in 2015-2016 for the LVN-RN bridge program which included the prereqs also. Not cheap 20k for prereqs 30k for the program, I stopped working in a SNF once the RN part of the program started. I started doing home health about half way through but only part time. Scheduling is tricky for LVN's in HH because you don't really have much control since you aren't admitting patients. The way I schedule is I plot my wound care patients which are usually M-W-F and schedule everyone else around/in-between them based on the area, preference. I always schedule my next visit with the pt before leaving the house this way I don't have to make as many calls in the morning or night before.


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