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  1. NrsP

    Final Pre-Nursing Schedule

    That's a lot even with a person in your situation, is there anyway you can take any classes over the fall?
  2. NrsP

    Stlcc 2019 Entry/Waiting List

    That's good! I'll revisit this post once I get into the program so we can touch bases! Best of luck to ya
  3. NrsP

    Stlcc 2019 Entry/Waiting List

    Hey! Congrats on completing your pre reqs!! I start the Nursing program at Stlcc Forest Park, Spring 2020. I put my name on the waiting list end of May and I found out from the Nursing Retention Coach and my advisor. I was so anxious, i just asked them! Letters will be sent out this September to inform you of your position/acceptance. Id rather go to FP because it's closer to home and because of the new Allied Health Bldg. I took a tour and I'm very excited to start classes there. Hope this helps! Good luck.
  4. NrsP

    Flo Valley Fall 2015

    Burning bridges with what important person? My comment is my comment. 32 years of experience and your arrogance shines through the keyboard. I pray you don't inflict these attributes on your patients.
  5. NrsP

    Flo Valley Fall 2015

    Condescending... anywho, I received my letter to Forest Park! How are things four years later?