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  1. How are you doing? Okay??

    1. somedudeinarizona

      somedudeinarizona, BSN

      Hey thanks for the inquiry, I'm doing pretty good. found a job working as a nurse that wont handle any! type of medications. Made it past the HR to get me hired. Saw an evaluator and waiting on their report to determine if id CANDO or ATD. So, I have a few more months to get good at my job then tell them I'll to have a direct supervisor watching me for three years. They aren't gonna mind. They just have you doing so much busy work, that any free time you could have is filled with AA, recovery grioups, meeting with your sponsor, peeing in to a cup, occasional blood work (which I know is rare, but will happen), writing your own report, and your direct at work write theirs. ensuring that the CM has them, and ready to go it all again for the next month (hooray!) 🙂 It's just loads of busy work and the alternative could have been far far worse. I am truly tankful. If they said jump through this flaming hoop while wearing only a dry grass skirt, I'd do it! I honestly feel a whole lot better, and I realize good or bad, this will improve my life, not just for me but for my wife, my kids, and my future. I really do feel quite happy which I haven't in a long time.

      I thank you and others for your thoghts and prayers, i needed them!


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