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  1. Hi everyone,

    I wanted to share what helped me to pass my NCLEX PN/VN. 

    A background story, I graduated in 2018 so it took me a year to take my nclex( long story). i didn’t pass my NCLEX the first attempt.I took it in august 2019 and had 87 questions ( I did terrible). Even though I had plenty SATA(select all that apply). I had darg and drop, picture. 

    This time around I studied for 3 months staright. I didn not work, so I spent whole day studying. The resources that has helped me will be listed, along with the side notes.

    The day before the NCLEX, I tried to not study. On the day of the NCLEX (Fri Nov, 15,2019), I prayed before starting my exam. I had 12 Sata, 5/6 meds, 2 pictures. I got my sata in the first 25 qs. After that I had about 3-4. I thought I was doing terrible. I didn’t panic because even the MC(multiple choice) were not easy. 

    When I went to qs 85, the computer screen turned blue. I felt relieved, but I had a breakdown once I got to my car. I started praying and asked god, he knows whats best for me, if right now is my time, then please do whats best for me. 

    Pvt works! I got the bad pop up the first time and didn’t pass.  tried the trick after about 3 hours, got a Good pop up.😂

    I didn’t have the quick results so I waited and did the PVt everyday. On Tuesday Nov,19 around 3:30am, I saw the breeze option Vocational Nurse Initial application for license. I can not describe my happiness. I paid for the license same day around 12pm. 

    My license number showed on the breeze as well as the BVNPT on NOV 20th around 8pm. 

    Resources I used: 

    Saunders comprehensive NCLex PN $price varries

    I used this book, read chapters and mostly end of chapter qs. Highlighted anything that was new to me, and went back and reviewed. This book is great, especially if you are weak in content and needs to review your stuff. 


    I used the 5th edition( still good).

    Study guide: highly recommend $20

    I used barbara’s study guide because someone on youtube passed her NCLEX RN using it. Basically, she made the study guide from the comprehensive book. It is short & sweet to the point. 



    NCSBN learning extention review (3 week) $50

    This review is awesome. Basically, NCLEX tests you on different contents/cetegories like basic care, and this program is made in that way. I practiced qs, from each category and made sure my scores were over 60 percent and re did  the qs as well. I mostly skipped over the content ,n only did the questions. I also did the qbank questions around 200ish. I kid you not, this review is so simialr to the way NCLEX is written. I would highly suggest this review. **you may see similar question on the NCLEX. 


    Registred nurse RN (sarah) _U-tube

    I believe everyone knows about her. She has tons of videos for the nclex review. 

    Moe’s Nclex webinar $400

    He has 4 week crash course. To the point content and strategies. It is a bit on the expensive side, just like other reviews. When I joined this program, within the first week, I saw a huge improvement in my scores. He is really great.

    Its for Rn/PN.


    If there is anyone that is struggling to pass the NCLEX, I hope this helps them out.

    Thank you!




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