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TXRN specializes in Perioperative, peds ,floor nurse,scl nurse.

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  1. TXRN

    My IV Skills are Terrible!!!

    The more you worry about it, the worse it will get. Anxiety is your worst enemy. Take some deep breaths & go for it. I always tell the patient I will try twice & if I can’t get it, I’ll get someone else to do it. That way both you & the pt aren’t stressed about about continuous sticks.
  2. TXRN

    How to handle patient’s threats

    As an RN & a chronic pain pt, I want pain relief yesterday. I have used all other treatment modalities. Give me my meds. I want quality of life.
  3. TXRN

    Am I a coward for going on FMLA due to COVID?

    You are concerned for your life. That’s no sin. I am disabled but feel guilty because I am not on the front lines. It is our nature as nurses. You are fortunate that you have leave. We owe it to ourselves to do what we can to care for our own selves. Our jobs & government sure won’t ! Stay well !
  4. TXRN

    Nursing Home Resident Taunted by CNAs

    My brother & I had placed our dearly loved aunt in a small home facility. She had severe dementia. When she called me screaming one night, saying that the aids were hitting her, I was close to going down there & committing mayhem. The aid tore the phone away from her & told me that my aunt was hitting them. I told her if anyone even gave her a dirty look, they would have to deal with me personally. We moved her to another facility in the next few hours. We had put her under supervision because she roamed & even living with family, she would get away from us. I had already lost an uncle who had left his nursing home, saying he was going home. We found his body 2 weeks later broiling in the hot August sun & I was not going through that again. I made it my business to tell each facility who I was, what I was, & what kind of care I expected. The first facility was chosen by my brother against my better judgement. When we placed her in the second facility, I was much more confident in the quality of care. This is what bothers me. We place our loved ones because we can’t care for them ourselves, their care is overwhelming & we feel extremely guilty doing it. It was for her safety & our peace of mind. Do not place your elderly anywhere that your gut tells you not to. I agreed the first time to avoid family BS & to this day, I regret it. The second place was lovely & she was happy there. I’m just sad that she went through that. She didn’t remember but I do !