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TLWRN is a ADN, BSN and specializes in Emergency Room.

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  1. TLWRN

    Houston Baptist University FNP

    Awesome! Do you happen to have the link of what books are required for first semester?
  2. Hey there, I have applied to Spring 2020 FNP program and was wondering if you would mind tell me what acceptance criteria you met for the programs; like GPA and years of experience? I would really appreciate it. I am hoping to get accepted. Also, how is the program going?

  3. Hey there, I saw you are currently enrolled in FNP program at HBU. I recently applied there and should hear something my mid to late September. Could you tell me about admission criteria and about the program?

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    2. TLWRN


      That was mostly it! Thank you so much for getting back with me! I am Hoping so very much to be accepted. Do you happen to know how many they accept and what they particularly look at when reviewing applications?

    3. telma09


      I think it may be 30 students? Also, I think experience is a biggie, other than that I am not sure. 

    4. TLWRN


      Well thank you so much! I have a little over 2.5 years with the last 2 being in the emergency room. Thank you again

  4. TLWRN

    Houston Baptist University FNP

    I have applied for the Spring 2020 FNP program, and was wondering how their acceptance process works? I am eagerly awaiting the end of September to be here because that's when they said a decision would be made. Any advice or encouragement would be much appreciated!
  5. Hello there, I am applying for the 2020 FNP program at HBU and was wondering if someone could tell me about the program and how the acceptance process works. I have a little over 2 years of RN experience in the emergency room and graduated from WGU with my BSN in Feb 2019. I was wondering how many they accept and hoping I can be one of them! Would love all information I can get!

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