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  1. Hello! I couldn’t help but notice your taking the nrs 100 at citrus this semester ? I will also be taking it. I got the Friday class. Say your post was recent and i have also been looking around to see what previos students have said about the class.

    1. zebraotto3


      Hi, I'm sorry for the late response. I, too, have the Friday class! I wasn't able to find an updated post in regards to the class but I was able to ask someone... she mentioned to that there's two components in the class and that it should be okay, if I study and stay on top of things and it won't be so bad. There's two components to the class and a quiz/test every class meeting. I think, as long as we study hard, take the class seriously, and try our best... we should be okay. But... I'm still very nervous about it. 😅