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  1. Can you tell me what type of facilities the clinicals were held at? - Was it a mixture of hospital, medical center, nursing home, etc? And can I ask what other programs you considered before choosing Utica? Sorry, I'm just trying to get as much information as I can from someone who actually went through the program.

    1. LTNurse844


      Hi, the clinicals are as follows.


      Med-Surg: Hospital setting on various med surg units 

      OB/GYN: Hospital, Women’s  center 

      Peds: All children’s hospital, various units including ICU 

      Geriatrics: A nursing home

      Psych: Behavioral Health Center


      The clinicals for the Tampa campus are great. They are all BayCare, and baycare is a great company consisting of several large and small hospitals. They are a Fortune 500 company. 


      I considered other schools but I loved the location of this program, and I actually prefer online classes. 


      Let me know if you have any other questions. 

    2. LTNurse844


      I’ve done clinicals in the cardiovascular ICU, medical ICU, neuro ICU, trauma ICU, pediatric ICU, and neonatal ICU. There are also all kinds of med surg units you rotate through (cardio, GI, neuro, ortho, renal, respiratory). I also did a few days in the emergency room. I just finished my preceptorship in the medical ICU at St. Joseph’s Main Hospital. As far as clinicals is concerned you definitely get the full experience. 

  2. Christine

    Utica College Online ABSN

    Has anyone started the ABSN program yet? I am considering applying for Spring 2020 to either Miramar or Tampa, but I am still nervous about the reviews although I am definitely impressed with their NCLEX pass rate. I've taken online courses so I understand the dedication level needed, but hoping to hear from anyone who may have started the program already. Thanks!