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  1. I took A&P 1 and 2 at University at Buffalo (SUNY), a very hard and competitive school and sadly received a C and C+ in this class. To get into the LAGCC nursing program, I know that my chances are very slim even though I received an A in all my other courses. I know that I can do so much better and recieve an A! I feel so discouraged because LAGCC won't let me retake the class (need less than a C- to retake). I appealed to the science department and they declined. Any tips or recommendations on what to do? I do not have the time to do LPN and then to RN. All comments are appreciated
  2. So, I have been attending University at Buffalo for pre-nursing. I completed anatomy and physiology 1 and 2 (got a C in both but I know I can do soooo much better now), psychology, statistics, sociology, English, medical ethics, etc. (A's in those classes). But, I have come to the realization that I probably won't get into that nursing program due to its very high competitiveness. Therefore, I made a quick spur decision to leave the school and move back home in NYC. My mom who is a nurse told me that I should apply to community colleges and try to get into their programs but I don't know if that is the best decision. Are they easier to get into? Should I go for private schools (but very expensive), transfer to 4 year? I truly don't know what to do and I am stuck. Any suggestions? School recommendations? Every comment is appreciated!
  3. Note: I already talked to my advisor and she suggested adding another major but I don’t really have the funds to do another extra semester ....
  4. I go to the University at Buffalo but entered in the spring semester rather than the fall semester due to issues. So, since I entered a semester late, the timing I have to take certain prerequisite classes is a bit screwed up. I am entering my second semester at this school and am realizing that I won't be able to apply for the program this upcoming spring semester due to the abundance of classes I would have to take in this upcoming fall and spring semester at once. So, I decided to spread my classes out over another 2 semesters and apply next next spring in 2021. Is this okay or should I rush? If I spread my classes out, I will not have enough classes to reach 12 credits each semester. Therefore, my advisor told me I would have to do a backup major (even though I only want to do nursing) to fill up those empty classes for financial aid, etc. Or should I spread my classes out in this upcoming fall semester, spring 2020 and then fall 2020, and apply to the program in the spring 2021 semester without being enrolled in the school and taking the extra unnecessary major classes that do not really have anything to do with what I want to pursue? Sorry if this is really confusing but I am in vital need of help and support with making this decision!!! All responses are so well appreciated. Thank you so much!

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