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  1. Thank you! Is there an issue leaving the long tubing opened as well? Or does that also need to be left in original packaging?
  2. Thank you everyone! The main reason why I ask is we are expecting State Surveyors to come anytime this month and that set-up is making me anxious. I am proposing keeping everything closed and in it's original package. I know some nurses and CRNAs will not like this. I was going to suggest to them that they can "pre-set" everything up - however was not sure if they would have to dispose of it after each case or just at end of day. My biggest concern is what State surveyors might say. Have any of y'all had experience with State "dinging" you facility for something like this? I appreciate all the feedback! First time joining this forum. It's pretty nice. Thank you!
  3. Hello everyone! Work at an outpatient Endo center. We have tubing set up to wall suction "just in case" anything should happen to our patients. The set ups are in pre-op, procedure rooms, and recovery bays. The canisters, tubing, and yaunkers are always replaced with new ones if used. The "pre" set up has yaunkers still attached to the tubing, but still kept in the package (Photo attached for reference). My question is - if that set up is not used, should it be thrown away? The yaunkers are technically open, put only at the tail end where it's connected to the tubing. Is this an infection control issue if we leave the set up for days and days? I feel like we need to throw these away, at least at the end of the day if not in use. Does anyone have any answers on this? Anything from a reputable source that can I use as evidence based practice? Thanks!