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    Hello all! Any GI nurses using Black Eye as a tattoo marker at your facility? We use SPOT, but this new product has popped up on my radar. It's a South Korean company and I believe has exported quite a bit to Europe, but wanted to know if anyone in t...
  2. Surgical procedures and Pink Eye

    Hello all! I have an infection control question. We had a patient, scheduled for a colonoscopy, that had a reddened eye. The CRNA suspected conjunctivitis but we could not confirm that. The facility policy is vague on communicable diseases and cancel...
  3. Endoscopy - Fire Risk??

    Hello all! Had Life Safety come survey us recently and they stated we need an OR check list that shows we are evaluating our operating room for potential fire hazards periodically (ex: solution soaked materials removed from the OR prior to draping; ...
  4. Thank you! Is there an issue leaving the long tubing opened as well? Or does that also need to be left in original packaging?
  5. Thank you everyone! The main reason why I ask is we are expecting State Surveyors to come anytime this month and that set-up is making me anxious. I am proposing keeping everything closed and in it's original package. I know some nurses and CRNAs wil...
  6. Hello everyone! Work at an outpatient Endo center. We have tubing set up to wall suction "just in case" anything should happen to our patients. The set ups are in pre-op, procedure rooms, and recovery bays. The canisters, tubing, and yaunkers are alw...