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joyart24 has 2 years experience and specializes in Geriatrics.

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  1. joyart24

    Life Span 3 HELP!!!!

    Thanks for replying. I was actually just uses study group 101 notes but I just feel it's not enough, so I've actually ordered all of the required text. Good luck on passing!!! The last few test really make you work for it, but I know we'll get it!!!!
  2. joyart24

    Life Span 3 HELP!!!!

    Today, I was scheduled to take Life Span 3, but I rescheduled. I was totally freaking out!!! I failed LS2 but have been studying my tush off for LS3 but I need some advice on how to studying for these exams. Any thing will help. Please give your advice!!! I am so shook!!!
  3. joyart24

    Excelsior 5 nursing tests down 3 to go before FCCA

    Tony you are doing great and we are at the exact same point in excelsior's program. So study hard because the last few are a bit more in depth but I know we can do it. Good luck!!!!
  4. joyart24

    Pheeew.. passed LS2!

    :) Good job, I'm set to take this one next Monday. Believe me I just want to pass!!!
  5. joyart24

    Chronicity help please

    If I remember correctly I paid $57 for all the notes.
  6. joyart24

    Chronicity help please

    I took Chronicity last week and I must say it was a little hard but i did use SG101 too, just study you'll pass!!!
  7. Well I love studygroup 101 notes, perfect for me. Just study a bit more and don't over think the questions. Good Luck!!
  8. joyart24

    new nurse, cna with attitude

    Well, start documenting...meaning give her a warning, then write her up, then whatever is nexts. Follow your facilities protocol and she'll have to deal with the consequences. Don't stop being nice because she is rude, just do your job and continue to tell her when her job needs to be done.
  9. joyart24

    Not Accepted to Nursing School

    Keep trying!!! There are many schools and if this is truly you dream apply to them all. Something will give. Good Luck!!
  10. joyart24

    Help my computer shut off at 88 questions

    I took mine today and it shut off at 85....soooooooooooo nervous!!! But, good luck!!!
  11. joyart24

    BSN vs ADN

    I would say go for SLU!! If you intend to go back for your masters you might as well do your BSN now. I know you are considering CSN and thinking it is less expensive but if you get your ASN now you will have to pay for your BSN next and the price will most likely balance out. Go SLU
  12. joyart24


    Well, the test is pretty basic to get into Delta. I was having a hard time with the math but they allow you to study and retake, I think 3xs. Don't believe people don't hire graduates from Delta...not true at all!!! Now hospitals don't have many positions for LPNs but that's anywhere. You'll get paid more in the nursing home anyway. Good luck!!
  13. joyart24


    Delta is ok, I attend now. Like any other nursing school it is demanding. There are lots of rules that you may not like but Delta is a good school. They will give you the tools you need to pass state boards. Good luck with your decision.
  14. joyart24

    School with the shortest wait list in Louisiana?

    Delta College in Baton Rouge admits a class every three months, no waiting list!
  15. joyart24

    CNA courses

    Kenner Health Careers has a course for 3 weeks. It is legit, I attended in 2005. They are located in Kenner on veterans blvd. They are pretty inexpensive too. Good luck!!
  16. joyart24

    Anyone Know Of Any Online Lpn Programs

    If there is any online LPN programs it won't be accepted in louisiana. Lpn is something you really should do in a class setting. Once you're an lpn then getting your rn is something you can do online.