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  1. Is there anyway you can post a link of the page? I can’t find the page
  2. Congrats! I got in as well
  3. I just went and they didn't tell me anything except that the application takes a month to review. I am going to try to talk to someone else about it soon.
  4. Best of luck to you as well
  5. I thought it was too. I plan on going and asking the counselors myself either tomorrow or Monday to verify everything I was told. I'll post whatever I find out here. No, it was just the email.
  6. I was told call, but in the Fall (2019) cycle I got my results through email.
  7. I just spoke with a friend who spoke with a counselor earlier today about the program. Apparently, they are going to start calling people really soon. I think we may find out by the end of August.
  8. I only applied to Fresno State. I really wanted to just stay local. Did you apply elsewhere?
  9. Based upon what I'm hearing is the g.p.a. cutoff (might just be rumors),I don't think many people applied.
  10. Its more based gpa ,but they do look at Teas
  11. I applied to Fresno State's BSn program that will begin in spring 2020. Just curious if anyone knows anything about the acceptance dates. -Goodluck everyone
  12. I recently applied to Fresno State and am curious if anyone on this forum has as well. Does anyone know when we should find out if we were accepted or not. Good Luck everyone!