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    I hate being a sitter

    Not sure where to post this, but, I'm here to vent. I'm a nursing assistant in a hospital, where 90% of the time I am a sitter for the last year and a half. I try to request floor assignments, but with no avail, I'm a sitter when getting my assignment. To top it off, I'm 4 months pregnant and the urge to urinate has increased. The prolonged sitting for 12 hours is making my body ache. I do stand up, shake my limbs, stretch, and hydrate. Some shifts I go home with pressure bruises on my buttocks. Just aching. I took this position thinking I could network and hone on skills as I work directly under the registered nurse. Currently looking for RN positions as just passed the NCLEX, but I'm not sure how long I can take this sitting with a low prospect of getting a RN position while pregnant. Especially when my supervisor isn't allowed to be a reference for outside facilities, only for this specific facility.