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    Accelerated LPN Programs

    Are there any LPN programs that take into consideration past degrees. For example, a B.S. in Health Science covers some of the same course work included in an LPN certification, however, I have not found any programs willing to consider this. If not, does anyone know of any accelerated LPN programs (6 or 8 months)? I have had no luck in my search.
  2. My husband and I are moving permanently to Hawaii in 2020, he was planning on applying to the ADN program at KCC. I recently read the old posts on this topic, circa 2009, and the feedback seemed bleak for non-residents. Is this still accurate? Has anyone been admitted to KCC as a non-resident and if so what factors impacted your acceptance? *I know he could wait to obtain residency but we are starting a family a little later in life and therefore, feel more pressure with time* Mahalo!