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  1. beachbabe86

    Potential new employer trying to rush me into accepting job offer.

    Yes, it is a CMS requirement
  2. beachbabe86

    How would you feel if a dentist was your boss?

    Really, how?
  3. beachbabe86

    Postive THC random test

    Deny Everything, admit nothing.
  4. beachbabe86

    Rehab? Asking for a future nurse

    If you are truly living a sober life, then it is nobodies business what you went through before you became a nurse. Unless, you have criminal charges such as a DUI. then I would proceed as you desire making certain to keep a sober path.
  5. beachbabe86

    Plant-based (vegan) mandate for NY hospitals

    What is burned in my brain...is taking my fresh open heart patient from the OR to the SICU and seeing the second day patients being served fried chicken.
  6. beachbabe86

    A friend bought her degree from the Philippines.

    Please enlighten me then, are you saying you took the USMLE as a NP? Or perhaps, this abbreviation stands for another type of test than the one that is required for medical students to progress in their program.
  7. beachbabe86

    Non-Medical Career Change

    Diversion most likely led to a theft charge which, of course, would lead to a criminal citing on a background check. In my opinion, it would be difficult for the hiring authority to overlook this action. Good luck.
  8. beachbabe86

    AMA Looks to Retrain Doctors on Taking Blood Pressures

    Yes! My IM physician was surprised at the BP reading that the LPN took. So, she decided to check it herself. It was a manual cuff and I could hardly keep a straight face. Needless to say, she could use a retraining. Such an excellent physician, though.
  9. beachbabe86

    Need Advice on Accused Medication Error

    This. During survey time. this is counted as a practice deficiency. If your instructor is going to teach you about medication administration, it would be handy if she is aware of the facility policy. I am, of course, aware of what happens in RL, However, IMO, you are not in school to learn workarounds or ways to circumvent policy. As far as the meeting goes, I would NOT throw your instructor under the bus. That can only go one way, and it will not be in your favor.
  10. beachbabe86

    RN Dialysis training - Davita vs Fresenius

    That is pretty much standard for a 3 day a week clinic. MWF or TTS for 6 day a week clinics. It is an industry standard not corporate. The responsibilities of the RN are tremendous.
  11. beachbabe86

    Use it or...lose it? A&P and Nursing

    Oh the dreaded Kreb's cycle! I'm impressed you knew it so well. I forgot all those details the day after the test which was in 1976.
  12. beachbabe86

    RN in Medical School -Should I keep this to myself?

    I would keep it to myself. For some strange reason, not everyone is happy to see nurses succeed.
  13. beachbabe86

    Thinking of Quitting Nursing School

    I will say that I am different in all these replies. If you don't need the income then step away and be the mother to your children. They will only be this young once and and this is a vulnerable age. You will not regret it.
  14. beachbabe86

    The Importance of a Title: Anesthesiologist vs. Nurse Anesthetist

    You said EXACTLY what I was going to reply. Last time I checked the surgeons were in charge of their own schedule, not some staff CRNA. Wow.
  15. beachbabe86

    Should I make an appearance at my hearing?

    I would definitely make the appearance. When the DOH attorney makes a "suggestion" , it is really not just a suggestion. If you do not make an appearance, it just makes the attorney's job so much easier. She/he will read the charges as outlined in the consent order. The board members will most likely all concur with the state's proof. It will all be over in a flash. It may all turnout that way if you do appear. However, at least the board members will see you as a person and not just a case on the docket. Please obtain your own attorney who is familiar with nursing board proceedings.
  16. beachbabe86

    Aesthetic Nurse

    Could you please elaborate on what a "nurse education" entails. Are you a licensed nurse in the US? There is nothing secret about the nursing curriculum. I would like to give answers if I better understood the question.

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