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  1. beachbabe86

    How to deal with Nosy Co-Workers?

    THIS !
  2. beachbabe86

    Dr. Pimple Popper Thinks Nurses Have No Place Educating Patients

    This really made me LOL!
  3. beachbabe86

    How to deal with Nosy Co-Workers?

    Good Heavens, this thread brought back memories, that I haven't thought about in years. When I worked as a staff nurse in the OR, a new nurse was hired. She was curious about everyone, and especially me. She kept track about the fact that I had recently purchased a sail boat and asked me every Monday about if I did thus and so. This really annoyed me and I am certain she knew it but still continued to ask me all sorts of personal questions. She made me a birthday cake and we all ate it , except for her. She told me that she had called my mother to get the recipe. I left that day on a weeks long vacation and was sick the entire time. When I returned back to work , I discovered one of the surgical residents and at least 3 others were sick from that cake. Shortly after she left the OR for another job in the same hospital. Later after I left got married and had my babies, I found out that she had gone to the major university in our state and jumped off the highest building , of course , to her death. You just never know.
  4. beachbabe86

    Passed NCLEX COVID 2020- short notice

    yes, this is the best attitude! Congratulations!
  5. Agree...don't do it. Just volunteer. I promise you won't regret it!
  6. Don't do it....stay where you are.
  7. Just so YOU know, a CMS surveyor has many other skills that are applied to ESRD, Hospitals, Pysch Hospitals, Group Homes , LTC , Assisted Living, Pysch under 21, among many others. I was certified by CMS in all of the above areas. There is of course patient interaction, family, staff, provider, and patient interviews. A surveyor cannot so their job without patient interaction. Please stick to what you know.
  8. I definitely know this territory. My DH and both of our daughters are MDs. They all three know the ropes of the way it works. While they are not happy about certain calls, it is just the way life in the field of medicine works these days. They calmly and politely answer calls. They all three want the best for their patients.
  9. beachbabe86

    Need help with syringe test question?

    It seems to me you are confusing mg and ml. Milligrams are the concentration of the drug in the particular vial. Ml is the amount of fluid. The posters above are correct in saying one ml is the amount to draw up the syringe in this case. Each order is different and must be calculated to the correct dose.
  10. You mostly likely will be able to get into school and get your license simply because of the age you were (17). How old are you now? Just make certain that this never happens again.
  11. Actually the nurses don't have a choice. They must follow their policies and procedures. It's really quite simple. Read their protocols and if you and other midlevels and physicians want to make changes, then feel free.
  12. beachbabe86

    So H&H are 2 different labs: why only say one value?

    WOW!, that's a new one.
  13. beachbabe86

    So H&H are 2 different labs: why only say one value?

    YES! It is ancient to me and obviously made a lasting impression as I remember it so clearly after all this time. I appreciate the time and effort on your part to explain this critical situation to the nurses. My patient was improving and about to be transferred to the floor. I noticed his labs were out of whack, and being a new grad I was curious to know why.
  14. beachbabe86

    arom by residents

  15. beachbabe86

    arom by residents

    what is AROM?
  16. beachbabe86

    Felony conviction/ OIG list

    I know, I am trying to think of places for you. Maybe some private adult day cares, private assisted livings, maybe even a veterinarian if you are an animal lover. Private duty or as a sitter. It would be be a start.