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  1. beachbabe86

    Doctor Denies Giving Lortab Order, Nurse Facing Discipline

    as a former health care surveyor, BON staff, and years of staff nursing, these comments make my stomach turn. Nurses should absolutely stand up for written policies and procedures. Otherwise, nurses don't have a leg to stand on. And if you think the docs will back you up, you are very much mistaken.
  2. Eat, Pray, Love
  3. beachbabe86

    How to deal with Nosy Co-Workers?

    Obviously, your friends have better manners than your coworkers. WOW!. You can choose your friends but not your......
  4. This really made me LOL!
  5. beachbabe86

    Passed NCLEX COVID 2020- short notice

    This is best. I did this and passed with flying colors. Great advice!
  6. Don't do it....stay where you are.
  7. it's more than likely still in the investigation stage. These situations sometimes take a couple of years to complete. In my experience, this is a very serious case. I could go all into it, about civil procedure, however, I am not a licensed attorney. It also may become a criminal case. Just Please consult an attorney.
  8. Truth
  9. Totally agree. A certified mail is required for proof of service for the attorneys. Standard procedure at every single board meeting.
  10. Yes! Absolutely. There are several questionable occurrences in this scenario.
  11. The investigator wants to quote the OP either as a nurse who would do as the others did or use the OP as a good example to follow policy. Good cop/bad cop sort of thing. I would NOT speak with them without consulting an attorney who is familiar with Board activities.
  12. There is no reason why it can't happen!
  13. Good, some time has passed. Best of luck!
  14. beachbabe86

    Need help with syringe test question?

    It seems to me you are confusing mg and ml. Milligrams are the concentration of the drug in the particular vial. Ml is the amount of fluid. The posters above are correct in saying one ml is the amount to draw up the syringe in this case. Each order is different and must be calculated to the correct dose.
  15. beachbabe86

    Do I need to disclose expungement in new mexico

    You might need to check with an attorney about your decision to disclose or not. I would not, but that is me.
  16. beachbabe86

    Do I need to disclose expungement in new mexico

    If you know for a POSITIVE fact that your reported background is clean, then I would recommend that you keep it that way and go on with your life.

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