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    Switching Careers - Architect to Nurse

    Hi! I’m new to this blog. I felt the need to reply to this thread because I’m in the same path and a little beyond, let me explain: I have a bachelors in architecture in a foreign country, worked for 5 years as a full arch and after that, I moved into another bachelors in fine arts which I completed in the US. I became a jewelry designer stemming from art and actually my own jewelry design/manufacture business. So as you can see I’m fully immersed in the gratifying “art & design” world. However, I married a nurse, we started a life together and my income as an artist wasn’t as stable as I expected, and due the fact I don’t possess an US architect license I can’t practice beyond simple ACAD little jobs. I See how hard nurse jobs can be, and my husband advised me against nursing due it’s long preparation time and difficulty. Instead I decided to enroll as a phlebotomist, which is a lower entry level to the medical field. I have some experience in customer service which comes in handy when interacting briefly with patients. So far I’m loving it. I’m putting in practice my knowledge in anatomy from art school and I’m becoming better in medical jargon. Plus, you don’t get to touch too much the patients and your job scope is quite limited and it makes it easy to digest as a whole for someone who’s never been in the medical field. My recommendation is: passions not always put food on the table. If you feel it’s within your human possibilities to change, do so, this life is one and we have the power to make the best out of it, in as many forms as we can and are willing to do! Never limit yourself!!!