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  1. milk_steak_and_ghouls

    TEAS while deployed

    So far I've found this to be the best answer to my question.
  2. milk_steak_and_ghouls

    TEAS while deployed

    I'm super fortunate to having a testing center nearby here in the middle east which I'm able to take the TEAS at. However, I'm unable to order the study guide online due to my mailing address being at an APO. I did buy the 2 online practice tests but I feel like that won't be enough. Does anyone have any other resources online that I can utilize for the upcoming test?
  3. milk_steak_and_ghouls

    Tampa area pre-nursing

    After browsing the forums for awhile and reading what everyone has to say regarding the nursing schools in Tampa, I would look to hear anymore input on schools in the Tampa area and the path I want to take. I currently have a B.S. and will be completing the last 2 classes needed for my pre-reqs (A&P2 and human nutrition) during Fall 2019. I plan on applying for the Spring 2020. I obviously want to take the quickest route possible and would love to skip over getting an ASN. I'm 28 and the goal is to apply for CRNA school. USF - Applied for the pre-nursing program exactly one month ago. After being accepted (possibly) I will be applying to the accelerated program and the 'upper division' program. UT - I reached out to their program to gather more information. Basically in order to apply to the program you have to have an AA with their list of ~10 classes you need prior to applying to their 4 year program. Am I missing something on this? What's the benefit of paying for a private 4 year program that requires 10 classes to apply? HCC - A good fall back. Doing my ASN at HCC and then applying for the BSN program at USF 2 years later. Rasmussen College - I reached out to inquire about their accelerated program. They require TEAS scores that need to be due by October 12th. I'm a little worried about this one because I'm currently deployed and can't take the TEAS until I get back. I don't have a set date and looking at getting back early October so it's still an option for now. Any other options I may be missing or need to look in to?