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  1. Got a Job, Lost the Job Because of COVID-19

    Imagine my surprise at getting very near my dream job at a local hospital anticipating an early start (I am a new grad with a temp license) and then getting a call explaining “due to the current healthcare climate, we will have to rescind your job offer.  You may reapply later and re-interview, but probably not right now because there are no jobs for new nurses.”  

    Now, I am long before I reapply?  How long will the hiring freeze for the hospitals and urgent care facilities go on?  

    Knowing that many nurses recommend a good foundation in Med/Surg, where are us new grads to get such a thing if hospitals aren’t hiring?

    So many questions.  I am hoping you folks will have better insight into this than I do.   Bottom line:  will the hospitals recover soon after states start to open again?

  2. Desperately need advice and encouragement

    This is not a life decision to take lightly but not because of your age. Prereqs and the nursing program itself can be quite challenging mentally and physically, sure, but if you are in good shape and know how to manage stress, you should be fine. ...
  3. Accelerated Nursing

    Basic requirements here at ISU though very competitive grades-wise. You have to have a Bachelor’s already with these courses required for admission.