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handydandy EMT-B

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handydandy has 6 years experience as a EMT-B and specializes in EMT/Urgent Care.

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  1. handydandy

    AMA Looks to Retrain Doctors on Taking Blood Pressures

    CMA's are probably better at taking BP's than you would think. They do it all day long in most clinics, and manually at that. They are given this training in most good CMA school's, as they are replacing RN's now, because they work for less. As an EMT-B, in the field, our Paramedics rely on our accuracy in critical moments. You can bet you're * we do it correctly and train those coming in to do it correctly.
  2. handydandy

    Case Study: My Stomach Hurts

    Aortic aneurysm?
  3. handydandy

    CNAs starting IVs

    Hi, I am an MA/EMT-B.. I have just starting doing IV's for fluids at the urgent care clinic where I work, under our MD clinic director. I also was given the opportunity to start IV's in the field on our volunteer fire dept, under our FD/Chief/EMT-P. It's definitely a skill and task that many do not wish to do. My last IV start failed due to my lack of practice in the field, nerves and too many lookers I suppose. I was very discouraged . I know of many MA's that are starting IV's in clinics now, under their physicians, etc.