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  1. tostayaRN

    What would happen if I just surrendered my license?

    I have a new job as DON. I do not mess with medications. I was hoping they would keep me on but if they suspend my license I can’t keep this job. I don’t think my state has a program of that sort. I just feel like someone would have told me if I had criminal charges by now. I’m not sure how to even find out. I don’t want to be on probation in a state I don’t even want to live in. When would they suspend my license? I just want to walk away. Thank you for all the advice. I got the letter from the board should I get a lawyer for that?
  2. tostayaRN

    What would happen if I just surrendered my license?

    No charges yet. I figured it was going to happen though. I thought it would have happened before the board was investigating.
  3. tostayaRN

    What would happen if I just surrendered my license?

    I’ve spoken to a criminal defensive lawyer. Would it be the board who would place me on the oig list or the criminal part of it?
  4. Recently caught, fired and tested positive for the substance. I was diverting medication from waste for two months. It quickly progressed, and just as fast ended. I have been clean for two months now and have just got the letter from the board of nursing wanting me to submit my case. I have never had an addiction, and am happier now not working as a bedside nurse. My using progressed from depression and stress of travel nursing. I just did not realize I had problem until I hit that rock bottom. My question is, has anyone just surrendered their license? What would happen? I want to keep my license of course, but I would not be devastated to lose it. My heart just is not in nursing any longer. Also I have not had criminal charges yet, does that normally follow a board hearing? My defense attorney stated he could get me drug court and keep my record clean but would have a year of hoops to jump through. Anyone with advice or experience in this, I would greatly appreciate it.