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    Was I wrong to report a co-worker?

    I currently work as a caregiver for a company. Because I am new, I am currently training with one other co-worker and a patient. Last time, co-worker A told me, that as long as I informed my patient, I could leave the house whenever I wanted to for a break. Today, I trained with a different co-worker, but the same patient. The patient called me over to talk with me privately. They said that they didn't tell me earlier because they wanted to avoid confrontation, but it wasn't ok to leave the house whenever I wanted. They complained that co-worker A always left the house during their shifts for long periods of time. Once, they tried to call co-worker A for assistance with something, but co-worker A had left the house without their cellphone. Because the patient is unable to leave the bed, they weren't able to do anything. After hearing all of this, I decided to report it to my boss. To say the least, my boss was displeased and I think that this co-worker may be fired. Should I have talked with co-worker A privately instead of resorting to reporting them?