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  1. It is provincial based, not federal based, so you would need to choose your province, then contact the provincial college, then commence your IEN NNAS for General RN, then gain immigration status, then begin practice, then you later apply for advancing standing as NP, then then then then ... it would be a two - three year long process.
  2. DreamMagii

    International Nurse Registration

    Are applicants having better success with gaining initial registration in Canada as an IEN Internationally Educated Nurse through Alberta ARNAP or with Ontario IENCAP?
  3. DreamMagii

    NNAS IEN Transitional coursework

    Thank you. Could i ask, if i take my positive NNAS report to another province, which province would hold the best chance of success? I applied in BC only because i live here.
  4. DreamMagii

    NNAS IEN Transitional coursework

    Hi i am seeking advice. Here is my circumstances: RN overseas. NNAS report shows i am comparable on all grounds. Vancouver NCASBC CBA computer exam and SLA Simulation exam completed, but the point is that i ran out of time, so could not demonstrate skills and got referred for further education. Argh! I have now been given a list of nursing classes as transitional coursework to complete and to then reapply. The colleges have per-requisites before i can enrol, and they have enrolment wait-lists, so it would take approximately two-three years before i get provisional registration. It is like starting nursing school all over again. So what are my options from here? Can i take my NNAS report to another province of canada? Where is the easiest and cheapest? Can i practice in other provinces once registered? I just wasted $4900 dollars on this process. I am so disheartened. Any advice on next-steps would be appreciated. Cheers.