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  1. Guest606

    Preceptor is SO BAD!

    Hi All, I'm a new graduate nurse who just started in the ICU and on my third shift tomorrow with my preceptor. She's been there for 7 years and everyone was telling me how lucky I am to be precepted by her before I even met her so I was excited. Come to find out, I feel more disoriented with her than actually oriented. She took her ADDERALL right in the middle of my first shift around noon in front of me, doesn't follow policy or procedures and does things the way she wants, leaves me out of almost everything and doesn't explain anything unless I ask and even when I do ask she just says and I *** you not "this is what the government says to do", tells me I can do whatever I want, didn't introduce me to anyone on the unit, dumped urine down the sink instead of the toilet, didn't sterile glove when changing a central line dressing, doesn't tell me why or what she's doing and is doing everything HERSELF instead of having me lift a finger. When I asked her when I can do medications, assessments, or anything she just said "Yeah I guess you can do this" I just looked at her in disbelief and just went to the bathroom and cried. She is very OCD and needs things done her way and I did notice she is very thorough and does go above and beyond for the patients we had but she's a lunatic! When SHE was giving report to the night nurse during the end of our shift, I just stood there. The night nurse coming on even said "who is this" because I was just standing there like a lost puppy. She gave report, she could tell I was hypertensive and angry with her for leaving me out once again and apologized and promised we will go through everything. I told my peers/previous classmates about this and they thought I was joking. They said to stick it out since it'll only be the third day and she has a good reputation for a reason. My thought process is I only get one orientation and I'm eager to learn and be the best nurse so I don't want to waste another second with this joke of a preceptor. I'm not amused. I'm not impressed. Should I ask the manager for a new preceptor? Good grief all I wanted was structure, to be included, more focus, just anything at this point!!!
  2. Guest606

    Student nurse almost graduate help?

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I emailed the actual manager thanking them for their time and keeping me in mind for future opportunities. She was really impressed and I have the actual interview with her next week. Much thanks again!!!!!!!!
  3. Guest606

    Student nurse almost graduate help?

    This was my very first interview searching for new grad jobs and I didn’t realize being too vague gets you cut. I did include some examples working as a tech but I guess it wasn’t enough. This was my dream job and I am disappointed in myself
  4. Guest606

    Student nurse almost graduate help?

    Hey!! So the actual nurse manager wasn’t present during that time it was just with the ANM
  5. Guest606

    Student nurse almost graduate help?

    Hey all! so I’m about to graduate with my BSN here in the next couple of weeks or so. My dream job is the MICU, and I interviewed with one of the assistant nurse managers and shadowed the floor for an hour and felt confident that I landed the job. Shock and disbelief to me almost a week later when I get the rejection email. I asked HR for feedback and he said they wanted more examples for some of my answers. i have the actual nurse manager’s business card and my question would be is it appropriate to contact her directly even though the ANM made the decision not to hire me? Thanks!! Mirna