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  1. An5985

    Fall 2020 MANE applications

    It is annoying that it’s a requirement yet it supposidly doesn’t hold any weight. But I’d also like to know what the “phase 2” is to this transition since our essay is considered “phase 1”
  2. An5985

    Fall 2020 MANE applications

    I know, but some people either don’t read all the info/requirements or think they will still be OK if they don’t submit
  3. An5985

    Fall 2020 MANE applications

    Out of curiosity, did you all remember to write and submit your essay with your app?
  4. An5985

    Concordia St. Paul RN-BSN

    That’s interesting about Concordia, st Kate’s is similar- a lot of religious/women’s classes to take in order to get the degree. I’m waiting to hear if I’ll be accepted into the MANE program for this fall. Any advice to survive the program? Which school did you go to?
  5. An5985

    Fall 2020 MANE applications

    Are you going to be taking out loans? I want to be able to not work either, which is what they tell you to do in order to succeed, but I’ve never taken out loans before and have no idea how it all works. I’ve always paid cash for school
  6. An5985

    Fall 2020 MANE applications

    Yeah I don’t think my score will go up anyway but at this point you wait and see what happens.
  7. An5985

    MANE Program Fall 2020

    You have a really high score, you will get in. I have an 11.5 score and I think I will be waitlisted.
  8. An5985

    MANE Program Spring 2020

    Hi all I’m planning on applying to Century and NHCC in January so I can start fall of 2020. I’m studying for the TEAS right now, what material/study methods did you use to get high scores on the TEAS? I’d really love to get into Century... I read one person got 97% on the TEAS and she watched all the Khan videos, and their math videos helped me get 87% on the teas exam I took a couple years ago. She said the videos give a general overview and not much specific. When I took the TEAS last I think I was in Chemistry so I didn’t know any of the science stuff and that’s what made me bomb. I just don’t want to have to take the exam over to get a great score, wanna be one and done. Did they ask very specific science AP questions? also, if any of you are single and not able to rely on anyone to pay bills and a mortgage for you, how are you planning on covering those costs? It’s strongly urged not to work during the program and I’ve never had to take out loans for school before so taking that route is making me very nervous.
  9. An5985

    MANE BSN program feeling duped

    Hi, I’m very grateful that there are nurses on this site that have gone through the MANE program. I am intending on applying to the MANE program for the fall of 2020. However I’ve heard so many mixed experiences with the ADN portion of MANE, mostly bad but finding a FEW people to say good things. I work in construction and make really good money but I don’t want to be in it for the rest of my life (I’m 34). I feel terrified to be in the program because I hear so many people fair or drop out and I can’t afford it to be me. I’ll have bills plus a mortgage payment and plan on not working since I hear that is what hurts many people, I’m single so no one else to help me. Since you said you loved the ADN portion, can you elaborate why you loved it, how the program is set up, what school you went to, why people failed/dropped out, how easy it was to get a full-time job after graduating sInce I’ll be supporting myself. I want as much info to help me determine that I’m making the right choice! thanks andrea

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