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    School Pretty Much Canceled Clinical

    I am really sorry. I just need a space to be upset. My BSN program’s university just permanently shut down for the rest of the semester due to COVID-9. All instruction and testing will be done online, including clinical. We were given a number of ATI assignments and case study quizzes, and were told this will be our clinical for the rest of the semester. I feel completely cut-out from the bread-and-butter of nursing school, which is hands-on, clinical experience. I feel like this is not prepping me to be the most competent nurse I can be. I hope I never want to be an OB or Peds nurse, as I will basically have no clinical experience in these areas before entering the work force. Even more frustrating, medical students’ clinicals are not canceled. Apparently only future doctors’ hands-on learning matters. Forget that nurses and doctors are equally responsible for patient well-being once school is over and we’re on the floor. I just don’t understand how on Earth online quizzes can possibly be considered a clinical. Reading and writing does not prepare you to be a nurse. Rant over.
  2. Hi all. I just wanted to say, I signed up for this website because it has been a lifesaver for me getting through nursing school thus far. I’m going into my junior year of a traditional 4-year BSN, and have only done fundamental work on peers and sim dummies. I have always had a problem with this, and I am almost too afraid to ask because it’s embarrassing. We did mock needle injections on skin pads and oranges, and I passed test out so I must have done alright, but I really struggle when filling a needle syringe with clear liquid. I have such a difficult time differentiating between what is air and what is liquid, and I feel it’s dangerous because I don’t want to be injecting my real patients with a bunch of air or less medication than what is needed because I can’t tell where the liquid starts and the air ends! On colored medications, I can do the skill perfectly and have no trouble at all. However, at the end of my semester last year, we had to do a SIM where we administered the flu vac to a “patient” (which was only a dummy, and we injected into a skin pad, not even the dummy itself) and due to it being an IM injection and the syringe being large, and it only being a 1.5 mL dose of clear liquid in a thick 10 mL syringe, I had a really difficult time filling the syringe, and ultimately just injected it into the skin pad, not truly confident if I was giving the right dose, so I didn’t hold up the rest of my group from meeting all the objectives of the sim. I know I could never do this on a real patient. Could you PLEASE give me tips on how to differentiate the liquid from air and air bubbles, because it seems that no matter how many times I practice, I still have a very difficult time.

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