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  1. Job outlook for ADN/ASN in Upstate area?

    I'm currently enrolled in CHEM 110 College Chemistry 1 and BIO 110 College Biology 1. I was undecided on a program when I initially enrolled last month, so I thought these classes would be a good start. I have most of the general ed classes from my f...
  2. Job outlook for ADN/ASN in Upstate area?

    Yes!! I'm actually enrolled at SCC for this fall to finish some pre reqs. I only have 4 maybe 5 classes to take before I'll be set for nursing. I work full time, so it will take about a year going back part time. I plan on applying for either Fall 2...
  3. Job outlook for ADN/ASN in Upstate area?

    Thank you for the reply! I actually live close to the Gaffney/Spartanburg area and SRHS was one of the places I'd heard wouldn't hire ADNs. They're a really big healthcare system so I was a little concerned, but this is great to know! I definitely am...
  4. Hello, I am looking to pursue nusring as a second career in the Upstate area of SC. I already have a bachelor's degree in a non-nursing field, so my goal is to become a RN at the lowest possible cost. It looks like obtaining an associate's through a ...